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Alpenblick - way

Kappeler Höhe Bad Buchau


"The Alpenblick-Weg rewards you with an impressive panoramic view of Bad Buchau and the entire Federseemoor.

With foehn, a breathtaking view of the entire chain of the nearby Alps opens up in the south. From the Zugspitze in the east to Switzerland in the west, the mountains seem close enough to touch. There are several places to stop for a break along the way.

After crossing Bad Buchau in a south-westerly direction, you come to the Wuhr chapel and over the Mühlbach to the Kappeler Höhe with its observation tower. Over fields it goes in the direction of the Kappeler Wald, whereby you can see the famous baroque church of Steinhausen in the distance on the left. Through mixed stocks of old wood and young forest you get to the “Jägerstein”, which is reminiscent of a policeman killed by a robber. Here the path turns right. Shortly before the edge of the forest, the hill of a Celtic grave rises to the left in the dense forest. Following an idyllic valley with hedges and orchards, you reach Allmannsweiler Straße shortly before entering Bad Buchau, which you follow into the village. " (* Source: outdooractive )


Federsee Bad Buchau

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