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Eistobel ball round

Eistobel Allgäu


"While hiking, visitors to the Eistobel gain first-hand insights into the geology of the relatively young, glacier-shaped surrounding landscape. The experience of nature is complemented by explanatory models, boards, maps and brochures in the information pavilion at the entry point. The crossing of the Upper Argen gorge leads past on steeply rising Nagelfluh and sandstone walls, swirling rapids and waterfalls as well as impressive boulders, some of which are accessible by bridges and footbridges. Not only the shallow water areas with picnic opportunities in the Eistobel but also the peaks of Iberg and Riedholzer Kugel with a view of the Westallgäu are ideal for take a rest. " (* Source: outdooractive )

Eistobel waterfall Allgäu

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