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Half-timbered road bike tour

Riedlingen half-timbered house


"The eastern route of the German half-timbered road leads from Mosbach in the Odenwald over the Swabian Alb to Lake Constance.

Almost 500 km are covered on the route from Mosbach to Meersburg. The eight stages lead in an eastern route from the southern foothills of the Odenwald along the Neckar, through the Remstal, over the Swabian Alb and through the Danube valley to Lake Constance in southern Germany. The towns and villages on the way impress above all with their numerous half-timbered buildings. But also some beautiful churches and monasteries as well as mighty castles and impressive palaces are passed. On the river banks and lakes there are always beautiful resting places by the water and the view sweeps over the wine-growing regions of southern Germany. The numerous caves of the Swabian Alb invite you to take a trip and those interested in culture and history will not miss out on this long-distance cycle path. Some museums and hometowns of well-known Germans such as Gottlieb Daimler and Friedrich Schiller are on the way.

Stage 7. Riedlingen - Pfullendorf via Bad Schussenried

From Riedlingen you go directly on the Danube along interesting sculptures and the historic Wendelinus Chapel from the 14th century. In front of Biberach there is the opportunity to take a break in a climbing park. The city itself has a remarkable old town with many half-timbered houses. It continues through an idyllic meadow valley up to the height of Reute. The “most beautiful village church in the world” can be viewed in Steinhausen and the Upper Swabian Museum Village can be visited in Kürnbach. Soon it goes via Aulendorf and Altshausen to the Hoßkircher See with a beautiful natural swimming pool. Pfullendorf is reached on the former border path between the Kingdom of Württemberg and the Principality of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. "

(* Source: outdooractive )

Half-timbered house Ulm

Our state of Upper Swabia

Excursion destinations & places of interest - Querbeet through Upper Swabia

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