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Road bike tour - Baroque kingdom of heaven

The tour leads around Ochsenhausen and thus right through the baroque kingdom of heaven.

Ochsenhausen with its former imperial abbey of the Benedictine order

  • Museum in the castle area on the history of the abbey

  • St. Georg monastery church with Gabler organ

  • Washerwomen's Museum at the train station

  • several restaurants and cafes

  • ice cream parlor

  • Öchsle narrow-gauge railway


  • Politicians' trail at the rectory

  • Swimming and outdoor pools

Red on the red

  • St. Johann cemetery church (ceiling painting)

  • Imperial abbey with St. Verena monastery church

  • in the center of the village there are cafes

Gutenzell parish church

Detour to Schwendi

  • in the town hall: weaver museum (viewing by appointment)

  • Anna Chapel

  • Weishaupt Forum (prior registration)

Schöneburg natural swimming pool

(* Source: outdooractive )

Ochsenhausen Monastery
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Our state of Upper Swabia

Excursion destinations & places of interest - Querbeet through Upper Swabia

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