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The path of creation around buses

The Holy Mountain Bussen
creation path.jpg
Creation path while busing


The creation path around the buses is a newly created, easy-to-walk path that leads the hiker partly through the forest around the buses. It only takes about 45 minutes to walk. It begins after the Steiner inn at the end of the parking lot in the direction of Unlingen and Riedlingen and ends 20 m below the Bussenkirche.

In seven stations, reference is made to a moment of creation that we can look at so beautifully from the bus. At each station there is a column with a logo of the path of creation. On each column there is a quote from the Holy Scriptures or a saying of wisdom from different peoples of the earth. In addition, the hiker has a wonderful view of the beautiful Upper Swabian landscape. "(* Source: Municipality of Uttenweiler )

Our state of Upper Swabia

Excursion destinations & places of interest - Querbeet through Upper Swabia

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