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Zellersee Bad Schussenried


"From the market square it goes out of town in the direction of Bad Buchau. After about 300 m you turn off to the" Glacier Garden ". It is a compilation of boulders - large stones, which about 20,000 years ago through the glacier of the Würme Ice Age from the Alps to ours They come from deposits south of the glacier garden. After a further 1.5 km in a north-easterly direction, the natural monument Schussenursprung is reached. This is where the oldest Paleolithic camp site was found by reindeer hunters. From here the Schussen begins its 59 km long course Lake Constance. The barbecue area invites you to take a break. Exploring the water, forest and soil is an adventure especially for children. The sculptures of the "water guards" by Theresia Moosherr are up a short distance. On the way back to the suburb of Roppertsweiler, there is a good chance View a phenomenal view of the Alps, after crossing the road it goes far on the ice age moraine hill he, past dead ice holes, to Bad Schussenrieder natural bathing lake "Zeller See". Going past the town hall you get back to the starting point. "

(* Source: outdooractive )


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Source shot origin Bad Schussenried

Our state of Upper Swabia

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