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... in the gourmet region of Upper Swabia

Bad Saulgau golf course


- here the path is already a worthwhile goal - 

  • Seminar Package.

  • Round trip transfer in minibuses (each with 8 seats) toBad Saulgau golf course.

  • Green fee 18-hole course.

  • Bag with rental clubs incl. trolley.

  • Table reservation for "Greenfood". 

EUR 158.00 per participant

From 10 people


- see where you stand as a team - 

Tannenbühl Bad Waldsee climbing park
Bad Waldsee Tannenbühl climbing park

EUR 164.00 per participant

From 10 people


      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badzum.cf58d6Climbing park Tannenbühl - Bad Waldsee. 

  • Team Training - 4 hours. 

  • Midday refreshment:


Schussenried Brewery Beer Garden Bad Schussenried

EUR 64.00 per participant

From 10 people, bAvailable Wednesday - Sunday


Rustic types, people full of life, happy faces   meet you in the harmoniousRestaurant / beer garden of SCHUSSENRIEDER 
Beer Mug Museum
. Many curiosities and humorous beer mug stories make the time an experience.  Recht was then the beer mug slide for the brewers to earn extra for the penny. Today it means for you in any case:

"Come, be amazed, good mood".

  • Seminar Package.

  • Admission & guided tour of the SCHUSSENRIEDER beer mug museum (duration approx. 45 minutes).

  • Original beer mug slide with animation and award ceremony.

  • Table reservation in the SCHUSSENRIEDER restaurant or beer garden.

Archery, blowgun shooting, Bad Schussenried

BOW and BLOWGUNE shooting

Here you can strengthen your power house, collect new thoughts and learn how to give advice in order to reach your goal in any case. 

  • Seminar Package.

  • Transfer to RechtensteinKSO Outdoor.

  • Picnic in nature.

  • Professional support when shooting with a blowgun and bow. 

  • Transfer to Hotel America. 

  • Table reservation for à la carte dinner. 

EUR 144.00 per participant

From 10 people, bAvailable Monday - Friday

Bad Schussenried adventure

EUR 128.00 per participant

From 10 people, bAvailable Monday - Friday


With initiative exercises and problem-solving tasks, group processes can be activated and specific goals can be pursued. What the tasks have in common is that they can only be solved in a team. Strengthen mutual trust, improve cooperation or develop solution strategies. The campaigns are exciting, lively and promote self-responsible action.

  • Seminar Package.

  • Kooperative Abenteueraktion          _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_                     _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     in Bad Schussenried withKSO-outdoors.

  • Finger food buffet for lunch.

  • Table reservation for à la carte dinner. 

Yoga Hotel Amerika Bad Schussenried

EUR 82.00 per participant

From 10 people, bAvailable Monday - Sunday

YOGA BREAKS & moments with yourself

Battery empty? Strength, stability, flexibility, balance and regeneration have a beneficial and health-promoting effect on body, mind and soul.  Breathing plays a prominent role in this. Everyone can take part here, whether experienced or for everyone who wants to get to know something new.  "Taking a breath is the smartest thing to do when the world is spinning faster and faster." 

  • Seminar Package.

  • 75 Minuten Yoga zusammen mit Yoga-Lehrer-       - (Yoga-Utensilien available in the hotel. Please bring your sportswear).

  • light lunch with finger food buffet.

  • Table reservation for à la carte dinner. 

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