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Wimsener Höhle - Ehrenfels Castle

Wimsen Cave Hayingen


"Dream tour with brooks, caves, lookout rock, barbecue area and juniper heather

We start at the parking lot of the Wimsener Höhle. Our hiking information is labeled "raised". The tour is also described on an information board at the parking lot. It is therefore hardly possible to get lost. Passing Ehrenfels Castle (private property) we arrive in the idyllic Glastal valley. At the junction into the Schweiftal, we take a few more steps in the Glastal and then turn right onto a steep path (at your own risk) up to the remains of the ruins of "Alt Ehrenfels". Via the descent we get to Schweiftal. Our path now leads slightly uphill until we step out of the forest. We continue to the parking lot on the country road between Hayingen and Aichstetten. We cross the street and find the information board for our tour at the parking and rest area. Downhill we hike through a wonderful juniper heather and reach the barbecue area at the “Hayinger Bridge”. We continue comfortably through the Glastal. A first cave, the bear cave is on the left of the path (a bit hidden) and the glass cave follows after another few minutes of hiking. When looking up we can already see the summit cross of the Lämmerstein. Soon we find the entrance to the narrow, steep path that takes us up and down again. Continue through the Glastal in the direction of the castle and on the familiar path back to the parking lot. " (* Source: outdooractive )  


Ehrenfels Castle Hayingen

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