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View from Atzenberg


From the market square in Bad Schussenried, the route first leads past the town hall, then along the Bürgerpark to the Zellersee, Bad Schussenried's natural swimming pool. Straight ahead over a small tar road it goes into a small wooded area and past the dressage arena, and up to the wooded hill of the terminal moraine. Once at the top, cross the road from Otterswang to Hopferbach. You reach the Atzenberg through a shady forest, past swampy dead ice holes and some viewpoints. There it is worth taking a short detour to the Hohkreuz Chapel. Continue on the little road in the direction of Fünfhäuser, until the path leads down the terminal moraine after about 1 km through the wild and romantic Burgtobel. You return to the starting point via the Finsterbach-Wiesenweg. (* Source: outdooractive )

Zellersee Bad Schussenried

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