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Sonnenweg - Lake District

Fronreute lake district


From the train stop we cross the tracks to the left in the direction of Mochenwangen and follow the hiking trail marked with the red dot to Wolpertswende. In a moment we will pass the Schussen, which is squeezing itself right here into the increasingly narrow “Schussentobel”. The old church is located on the right on “ Kapellenweg ”. Built as the Loreto Chapel , it is now a cultural and meeting place. We will reach the current parish church of the Birth of Mary a little later. It was built in 1903 in the neo-Romanesque style and is popularly known as the “Schussentaldom”

Past the sports field, we hike via Moosehren into the Mochenwang forest. The path turns right into a forest path, which we leave again 500 m later to the left towards the edge of the forest. Wolpertswende lies ahead of us. With a view of the Gangolf Church, we cross the district road and climb a meadow path up to the baroque Gangolf Chapel. It was built in 1705 near the Gangolfsbrunnen. In it is the image of the so-called “well sample”, which represents a divine judgment on the wife of the people's saint Gangolf. He is venerated as the spring and horse saint of the area.

From the hill there is a wide view of the Schussental and, with a bit of luck, the Alps. Finally we climb up to the Gangolf Church and reach Wolpertswende. The parish church of St. Gangolf is a Franconian foundation from the 12th century. Because of its numerous figures of saints, it is also popularly known as the "sanctuary".

If the visibility is good, it is now worth taking a detour to the Hatzenturm, 1 km away. It is located on the “ Sonnenweg ” themed trail, which is also marked with the blue cross. The Hatzenturm is the keep of a castle from the 12th century; In the early Middle Ages this type of castle, the so-called moth, was common; Especially when the weather is foehn, the Hatzenturm offers an excellent all-round view of the Alps (opening times: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

The Segelbacher Straße, which was initially paved, soon turns into a gravel path that leads in a straight line to the observation tower after Hatzenturm. In the further course of the Sonnenweg, boards provide information about nature and landscape management as part of the land reorganization in Wolpertswende. "The sun in the mirror of time" shows the scheme of a nearby reconstructed Celtic calendar system. Shortly afterwards, the road surface finally changes from asphalt to a gravel and finally unpaved path.

We reach the nature reserve Wegenried and a little later the place Vorsee with the Dominikus chapel. It was built in 1755 out of gratitude for a cattle disease averted. With a view of the Vorsee we walk through the hamlet towards the Buchsee. On the way we come across a walkable sundial on the “MACHmal” path. With their help, the local time can be determined.

The Häcklerweiher not only offers a wonderful resting place. It is also a popular swimming lake due to its location on the B32. In contrast to the Vorsee, Schreckensee and Buchsee, it is not a relic of the last Ice Age, but was dammed up as a fish pond. The “DENKmal” path on the shore of the lake invites you to reflect and observe. He accompanies us over a boardwalk to the Dornacher Ried. "Wooden magnifiers" indicate the special moor flora.

At the edge of the moor there is a trail to the "Alpenpanorama" lookout point. When the weather is foehn, we can follow the Alpine peaks from the Zugspitze to the Säntis using the panorama board before we start our way back to Mochenwangen. (* Source: outdooractive )


Farm garden - Vorsee farm shop

  • Take your basket and knife in the farm shop and harvest vegetables, fruit and berries in the farm garden as you would at home in your own garden.

  • Browse through the large farm shop for delicious home-made delicacies and regional specialties.

  • Enjoy a homemade piece of cake and a wonderful cup of coffee on the sun terrace. Of course, you can also lick a fine farm ice cream.

Vorsee Wolpertswende

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