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WAY by the WATER

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From the market square we go right along Aulendorfer Straße until we come to the district of Lufthütte. On field, meadow and forest paths it goes to the Schwaigfurter Weiher, through which the Schussen flows. The county road leads to a ford along the renatured Schussen. This can be crossed on stepping stones or a small bridge. A dirt road leads to Otterswang. A visit to the splendidly decorated late baroque church of St. Oswald is worthwhile.
You continue through the village and after a short stretch on Hopferbacher Straße the path branches off to the right. You reach Lake Zell through the forest along the source horizon of the Finsterbach. This is a "dead ice hole", created in the last ice age when a large chunk of ice broke off the edge of the glacier and left a hollow in the area. The starting point can be reached through the Bürgerpark and past the town hall.
(* Source: outdooractive )

Schwaigfurter Weiher pedal boating

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