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Through old forms of settlement



Bad Schussenried market square

Bad Schussenried market square

Kürnbach Bad Schussenried Museum Village


"This path leads through forms of housing and settlement from different epochs. On this hike, one can perceive the forms of living from the pile-dwelling settlements of the Neolithic to the village way of life at the end of the last century.

The route leads from the market square via Klosterstrasse through the "Törle" to the facilities of the monastery founded in 1183. With the baroque library in the "New Monastery" and the St. Magnus Church, two jewels of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route can be admired here. From the St. Magnus Church you go through the old monastery on the Biberacher Straße along the renatured Schussen through the Enzisholzwald. Wooden wheels from the Neolithic Age were found here in the moor. The hamlet of Hervetsweiler is reached further through the forest and on dirt roads. A hamlet is a small settlement in the open countryside, often just a single courtyard with its outbuildings. The route continues on a field path, through a forest, along the "Lower Ried", through Enzisweiler to Kürnbach. There, the district open-air museum shows Upper Swabian buildings and living culture from several centuries. Through the village you get to the railway bridge and finally on a footpath back to the market square. " (* Source: outdooractive )  


Bad Schussenried Kloseranlage

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