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Heiligenberger Panoramweg

Heiligenberg Markdorf Lake Constance


"This hiking route combines idyllic paths through the charming mountain landscape of Heiligenberg with delightful views of Lake Constance, the Linzgau, the Hegau, over the Black Forest to the Feldberg. And when the view is really great, the alpine chain from the Allgäu Alps opens up to the hiker in the Swiss mountains.

We start from the parking lot on Betenbrunner Straße and first walk past the community center “Sennhof am Schloss” to the Postplatz in the center of the village. From there it goes along Salemer Strasse in the direction of the village entrance to the confluence of the "Alte Steige". Here we change the side of the road and hike on the path that begins there along the edge of the slope, ascending to Bellevueplatz, from which, on a clear day, offers a wonderful view of the Lower Linzgau, Lake Constance and the alpine peaks towering above. We are here in the area of ​​the “Amalienhain” cemetery, which is also indicated by the place of worship with a simple wooden cross and some benches.

From Bellevueplatz we follow the panorama trail signs to the northwest, leave the cemetery and walk about 100 meters to the left along the edge of the forest before we turn onto the tar road in the direction of Lärchenhof. When we arrive at Lärchenhof, we cross it, then keep right to Landesstraße 201 and, after crossing it, hike up the edge of the forest to Karl-Echo-Platz, where we have the opportunity to take a break.

Then keep right on a dirt road to Röhrenbacher Straße and, past the cemetery, to Amalienhöhe (786 m), a first-class vantage point. Here you have a fascinating view of the village of Heiligenberg, the Lake Constance area and the Hegau volcanoes. When the weather is nice and the view is good, the view extends from the Allgäu to the Bernese Alps and to the heights of the Black Forest with the Feldberg as the highest peak.

From the Amalienhöhe we go left on a meadow path in an easterly direction, past a barn, first to the edge of the forest and follow the forest path that begins there to a crossroads with a main signpost, where the small and large rounds of the panorama path separate.

While the little loop points straight ahead to the Nagelstein hiking car park, we go left and follow the panorama trail signs on forest paths in the direction of Betenbrunn. Arrived at the edge of the forest, a meadow path leads us down to county road 7755, which we follow about 400 meters to the left in the direction of a bus stop at the junction of the local road to Unterbetenbrunn. There we cross the county road and in front of the first houses, at a fish pond, turn left again towards Paradies, where we follow the longer uphill path along the edge of the forest to the highest point in the community of Heiligenberg (810 m). Once at the top, a wonderful view of Lake Constance and the Alpine chain awaits us when the visibility is good.

We now keep to the right and walk on a meadow path that leads into a tree-lined ravine, downhill again towards Betenbrunn. We are sure to have another impressive view of the homely Betenbrunn, which is a listed monument in the upper village. Passing the Betenbrunn pilgrimage church of St. Maria with its Way of the Cross (a visit to the church is highly recommended), take the local road out of Oberbetenbrunn. At the end of the village, just before the local road joins the county road 7755, we follow the old Betenbrunner Straße, past a wayside shrine, to the junction in the direction of Faulental.

The panorama trail signs now lead us through beautiful mixed forest, first downhill and then up again, to the historically interesting Klause Egg (information board). From there we hike, keeping to the right at a crossroads at a wayside shrine, to the listed Schweizerhaus, a former stately, architecturally impressive building designed in the style of a Bernese farmhouse (information board). Here we do not take the steep, direct ravine in the direction of Heiligenberg, but go left, first at the edge of the forest and finally also rising steeply on a path up to Heiligenberg Castle. From there it goes below the outdoor pool, past a Kneipp pool and finally keeping left between the children's playground and tennis courts, back to the outskirts parking lot at the town hall, with which we conclude our large panoramic tour . "(* Source: outdooractive)

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