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The little prince way

St. Exupery Argenbühl


"In harmony with the beautiful nature, the 26 display boards with the messages of Saint-Exupéry become more intense and stimulate thought.

Since the publication of The Little Prince more than 75 years ago, the message "You can only see clearly with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes". The hiking trail leads us from the Eisenharz village square to the outskirts. Through the Eisenharzer Moor it goes to the Isnyberg with a view of the wonderful alpine panorama. Past the "Ochs am Berg" and we walk through the community forest. We can leave our impressions in the guest book before we go back to Eisenharz. An easy and at the same time a “teaching path for the soul”.

You start at the village square in Eisenharz and keep to the right. There you will see the first signpost at the town hall and turn right again at the intersection in the direction of Wangen / Isny. You are first on the right-hand side and after about 200 m cross the street at "Am St. Annabach". Shortly after the traffic island, take the hiking trail to the left. From here you have a wonderful view of the village of Eisenharz. After a while you will cross the Bodenmöser nature and landscape protection area. Now it's a little uphill and you cross the B12 in the direction of Gaischachen. When you have reached the top of the mountain, you will have one of the most beautiful views of the Allgäu Alps and, if the visibility is good, the Säntis in Switzerland. Here it is recommended to visit the viewpoint on the Isnyerberg. Keep to the right for approx. 200 m. A resting bench is available. Then it goes back to the signposted hiking trail. An underpass leads past some farms to the "Ochs am Berg" beer garden, open from May to October, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Then the path continues to the right through the Vorhorzer Forest. Past the forest kindergarten, keep slightly to the right and come to a small hill. The beaten path leads you to a small wooden bridge. After about 200 m there is a red bench with the guest book. You can enter your thoughts here. After a little rest and approach the village of Eisenharz. Here, too, you can stop off at the Landgasthof Krone, closed on Wednesdays. " (* Source: outdooractive )

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