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Baroque street bike tour

Klosterhof Bad Schussenried


"This bike tour around Bad Schussenried not only takes us through a unique landscape, but also offers us numerous opportunities for a detour into history.

We start our round trip at the market square of Bad Schussenried. From here we drive straight along Schulstrasse and then turn right into Friedrich-Jahn-Strasse. On this we leave Bad Schussenried in the direction of Reichenbach and finally come to Zellerhof Straße. Here we turn left and ride on the bike and footpath around Lake Zell (1). Shortly after the Zeller Hof, we keep to the left, following the white-green cycle sign towards Aulendorf. We now cycle along the Langen Holz and stick to the wooden signposts in the direction of Otterswang. So we pass the Albert Uhl memorial bench and the health bench - here we can not only enjoy the unique view, but also do something for the fitness of our knee joints at the same time. After this short stopover, we continue cycling along the edge of the forest and get over the Toräcker to Otterswang. Here we go straight on Meinrad-Von-Au-Straße. At the main road we turn left and after a few meters turn right again onto the road in the direction of Laimbach and Schwaigfurt. On this we cross the railroad tracks and finally reach the boat rental at Schwaigfurter Weiher (2). From here we cycle to the through road in Laimbach. There we continue on the bike path to the left, following the white-green signs “Bad Schussenried - 4 km”. Finally we get to Kürnbach and now have the opportunity to make a short detour to the Upper Swabian Museum Village (3). The basic idea for the district open-air museum founded in 1969 was the preservation of the old Upper Swabian farmhouses, which could no longer be maintained at the original location. In the meantime, a real village with 26 buildings from five centuries has emerged. Our way continues along the street, over the railway bridge to Bad Schussenried train station. Here we follow Bahnhofstrasse to the bypass road. In this we turn to the right in the direction of "Biberach - Riedlingen - Bad Buchau - Bad Saulgau". Finally we turn right onto the road to Olzreute. Here we cycle to the left on the Laubühlweg - following the white-green signpost "Steinhausen - 3 km". So we now drive past the Olzreuter See (4) and through Lauhaus to the through road. We cross this and after a few meters reach Steinhausen. At the pilgrimage church (5) we turn left three times in a row, so that we finally continue straight on along the Bayerweg. We reach Aichbühl and continue left on the Riedweg. After a few meters we keep to the right, following the signs towards Sattenbeuren. Once there, we drive straight ahead to the street and cross it. Passing the Gfallholz and the summit of the Mühlhölzles we come to Reichenbach. On the Sattenbeurer Weg we cycle to the through road, turn right into it and a little later left again into the Kreuzweg. We leave Reichenbach and soon turn left onto the bike path. On this we get back to Bad Schussenried (6). There we drive on Saulgauer Straße to the roundabout and take the first exit towards the city center. So after a few meters we come back to the market square. From here we now have the opportunity to explore the city extensively - for example Germany's first beer mug museum: the collection shows mugs of all sizes from a total of five centuries. In addition, guided tours through the Bad Schussenried brewery are offered. The area of the Schussenried Monastery is also worth seeing - especially the library and St. Magnus Church with its choir stalls. In the associated museum we can also marvel at over 800 years of monastery history. " (* Source: outdooractive )

Village church Steinhausen Bad Schussenried

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