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On the Argen to Achberg Castle

Achberg Castle


"From the educational forest trail between Oberlangnau and Hiltensweiler (L331) it goes uphill, stay right and uphill on a narrow path. Then descend right to a forest path, turn left into a small tar road. Soon afterwards a footpath branches off to the left, downhill it continues along The hiking trail to Achberg Castle. Past the Flunauer Steg up to Achberg Castle. Continue to the signposted hiking car park and along the field path to Frauenreute. Along the slope and through a courtyard into the forest. Always along the slope. At a fork on the hill it goes left and at the next junction right again. Slightly uphill on the forest path it goes on. Then again down to the Argen and a short distance along the Herweg, then left along the Jubiläumsweg back to Oberlangnau. " (* Source: outdooractive )

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