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Danube - Devil's Bridge - Amalienfels

Devil's Bridge Sigmaringen


We start our tour at the touring hall in Laiz, cross the bridge and walk directly after the bridge over Inzigkofener Straße to the next intersection and then turn off towards the banks of the Danube. There we stroll on the dyke wall towards Inzigkofen and have a constant view of the Danube.

At the end of the dyke we follow the gravel path to the Amalienfelsen junction. There are still a few meters to climb to the vantage point on the rock, but the way up is not steep and leads through a light wooded area, the last part of which turns into an avenue of lime trees. At the end of the avenue, a magnificent view from the Amalienfelsen awaits us on the Danube loop leading past below, where the princes of the Hohenzollern House used to take their bath on hot summer days.

We walk briefly along the banks of the Danube, and after about 100 m turn sharply left towards Inzigkofen Monastery. On the way there we still have the opportunity to take a short detour up to the prince monument. We cross the monastery area in a north-west direction. About 50 m after the exit at the monastery wall, we turn right and after a few meters descend to the Devil's Bridge. According to legend, this is said to have been built by the devil himself in order to catch a human soul from the residents of Inzigkofen in return. The first soul to walk across the new bridge should hit it. The sources indicate that a dog was first chased across the bridge by the population.

We follow the narrow path to Känzele and from there enjoy the great view of the Danube valley. We continue on the path in a south-easterly direction until the descent into the Danube valley begins. We pass another sight and marvel at the Inzighofer Grottoes. At the foot of the slope we turn right and walk parallel to the banks of the Danube within sight. After a short time we reach another bridge that brings us to the other bank of the Danube. From the old train station we climb to the Broken Gutenstein, where we can enjoy a unique view of the picturesque floodplain landscape of the Danube. Our path leads us in a north-westerly direction until we meet rails after a short time. Here we keep to the right in the direction of the Zigeunerfels, a rock with a historical background, under which there is also a barbecue area to rest. From the gypsy rock it goes first on gravel paths, later on forest paths further and further east until we meet a paved gravel path again, which we follow on the right. We pass four turns until we reach the Erratic Block in a large forest crossing area. This boulder made a long journey here on the Rhine Glacier many thousands of years ago; today it is regularly "pimped up" by hikers with cairns.

At this intersection we now orientate ourselves south and hike on to our next vantage point, the Split Rock, and enjoy a wonderful view of the Danube Valley. After our detour, we continue east and downhill until we come across an open arable landscape. On this Danube peninsula, which is encircled by an oxbow of the Danube, we walk straight ahead eastwards until we have reached the outskirts of Laiz at the Alte Donau car park. Here we turn left into Donautalstrasse and follow the course until, after the first underpass of the L277, we turn right and a few meters further on, immediately left again towards the banks of the Danube. On a narrow path along the banks of the river, we go back to our starting point, the gym in Laiz, parallel to the tranquil flowing Danube. (* Source: outdooractive )



Sigmaringen Castle

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